PAGEL C45 Раствор для заливки

Раствор для заливки Pagel C45: V80 C45 / V160 C45

( Пагель В 80 Ц 45 / Пагель В 160 Ц 45 )

Pagel  C45: V80 C45 / V160 C45

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Pagel V80 C45 Pagel V160 C45

Области применения Свойства
  • columns and machines
  • repairing-grout for prefabricated steel-concrete units and steel-conrete tubes
  • supporting of buildings
  • grouting of pockets
  • noise prevention walls
  • grouting of large volumes with at the same time
  • control of the hydration temperatures
  • low development of warmth
  • low elasticity module
  • resistant to frost and dew salt
  • pumpable
  • controlled increasing of volume
  • impervious to water and extensively resistant to oil